Innovative Teaching Methods

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Minimum number of participants required for the opening of the course is 8.

  • : Instructor : not assigned yet
  • : 08-12 June 2020 (1 week) | 07-11 June 2021 (1 week) | 13-17 June 2022 (1week)
  • : Marbella / Spain (The course center has not been determined yet.)

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Basic Program

Program Fee: 350

  • : Include training course
  • : Not include food accommodation
  • : Not include airport transfer
  • : Not include local transportation
  • : Not include accommodation
  • : Not include Guide Service
  • : Not include Cultural activity

Note : This program includes only training course and and price is only for one participant for 1 week(only weekdays).

Note :If you have another project topic, we can help you on the subject. But your participant's number is less than 8, service provider has right to change the course date but if you have more than 8 , you can determine the course dates as you want

Note :If you want to take this course in a different country and on a different date, minimum number of participants required for the opening of the course is 8. If you have such a request, please contact us via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) (The same situation is valid for the all-inclusive program. But you should read our Course Catalog to understand All-Inclusive Program's rules See the Course Catalog )

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Overview and Course Background

Innovative Teaching Methods Course helps schools and instructors to approach the issue of innovative teaching in a systematic way that leads to major changes in how students learn, study and perform in class. This course enables participants to have a number of different perspectives in teaching methods with group activities.


Participants are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of lectures, case studies and group discussions. The couse focuses on step-by-step innovative teaching through easy-to-follow exercises combined with case studies and activities. All participants actively take part in all sessions.

Target Audience

In today’s diverse classrooms, innovative teaching methods are the key elements of professional development. This course is designed for educators who need a refresher on teaching methods. Who Can Apply?: School staff of different subjects, teachers and school managers.


You will receive a certificate from ETFA(European Training Faculty OÜ)

Course Objectives

In this course, participants will:
  • To promote interaction with students
  • To create a student-centered interactive learning environment
  • To gain ability to use various multimedia tools in class activities
  • To promote deep learning with interactive lectures
  • To trigger long-term retention of the learned material
  • To enhance learning experiences of students via new teaching strategies
  • To adopt modern teaching methods to keep students engaged and motivated.

Program Content

WEEK 1 The Warm-Up: 1st week program, Aims and Objectives, Action Plan Introduction: Traditional vs. Innovative Teaching Methods Objective Setting:Deciding the Learning Objectives, Proper Activity/Strategy Selection Innovation Strategy:Personalization, Cooperative Learning, Team Teaching Case Studies:Student-Led Performances
WEEK 2 Innovative Tools - 1: Visualization, Multimedia Elements Innovative Tools - 2:Mind Maps, Z to A Approach, Role Playing Innovative Tools - 3:Attention Management, Engagement Triggers, Interactive Lectures Teaching Methods:Interactive Lecture Segments, Engagement Triggers and Tasks Case Studies:Outdoor Learning